June 24, 2014


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Coconut oil and coconut products are helping thousands of people all over the world to be healthier, happier and live longer.   Known as "Mother Nature’s elixir", coconut oil can be used to boost brain function, prevent disease, strengthen the immune system, to beautify skin and hair, increase energy and youthfullness, and to shed unwanted weight healthfully.


Coconut My Body is committed to sourcing the BEST coconut products for you and your family.  We care about the quality of the products and the trees from which they come.  Sustainability, fair-trade and supporting the coconut growing communities is so important to us.  The coconut groves, farms and plantations from which our products come provide income and livelihood to many beautiful people and families.  The difference we can make to our own health, but also to the health of these people is huge. May we all make a better world to live in together. x



COCONUT FLOWER NECTAR and SUGAR... tantalize your taste buds while protecting our BEES and our PLANET

You can help save the honey bees!

We all know how imperative the bee’s are to our produce and environment. Honeybees pollinate more than 90 of the world’s flowering crops, including apples, nuts, broccoli, squash, citrus fruit, berries and melons.

But the bees are dying off, especially during these colder winters. The bees are subjected to parasites, pesticides, poor nutrition, disease and other unknown causes, and this is causing their colonies to die.

Because honey is still in such high demand the bee’s are factory farmed, victims of unnatural living, genetic manipulation and stressful transportation. Their lives are tampered with in order to keep honey being produced and money being made.

As the occurrence “swarming” (the division of the hive upon the birth of a new queen) is bad for honey production beekeepers have ways to deal with this. They clip the wings of a new queen, kill and replace an older queen after just one or two years, and confine a queen who is trying to begin a swarm.

Bees need their honey for nourishment during the winter. As climate change proliferates and we are subjected to colder winters, the bees are in increaseing danger of extinction. Bees also rely on pollen from flowers for sustenance, but as the cold weather affects spring crops, there are fewer flowers for honeybees to feed on when they come out of hibernating for the winter.

Industrial beekeepers want consumers to believe that they honey produced for the market is just a natural byproduct of the necessary pollination provided by honeybees. However, honeybees are not actually as good as pollination as many truly wild bees are. According to One Green Planet, “A worker bee may visit up to 10,000 flowers in one day, yet in his or her lifetime produce only one teaspoonful of honey”.

So, we know bees are in danger due to the colder winters and also harmful pesticides, parasites and poor nutrition as a result from the factory farms they are kept in. So, if you aren’t a beekeeper, and you love the taste of honey, what can you do to help?

Here are some ideas:

-       Support local beekeepers, not big factory farms.

-       Buy honey-free, cruelty-free beauty products.

-       Try Vegan Honey or Bee-Free Honey

-       Plant bee-friendly Plants in your backyard

-       Eat COCONUT FLOWER NECTAR and COCONUT SUGAR, the most delicious sweeteners you will ever try!


Organic coconut flower nectar




The nectar is the sap from the coconut flower. rich liquid sweetener tapped from coconut trees around the world.  Deep complex tones and an addictively butterscotch flavour define this seductive sweetener. A creamy smooth texture massages the tastebuds while notes of maple syrup linger on the palette with a rich treacly afterglow..Traditional communities throughout the world have long referred to the coconut tree as the ‘Tree of Life’. Producing an average of 50-75% more sugar per acre than sugar cane and using less than 1/5th of the nutrients for that production, it has a well-deserved reputation as the planet’s most sustainable sweetener.

Coconut nectar is a sucrose based sweetener and is thus a handy alternative for people with fructose sensitivities. (the fresh sap contains around 1.5% fructose, while our nectar has been evaporated a little to remove water and contains less than 10% fructose).

Coconut Nectar contains the wonderous fibre inulin and produces slow release energy, which sustains the human body through its daily activities without regular sugar ‘highs’ and ‘lows’. It also has a nutritional content far richer than all other commercially available sweeteners.  Coconut Nectar has a high mineral content. It is a rich source of potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron. In addition to this it contains Vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B6. When compared to brown sugar, Coconut Nectar has twice the iron, four times the magnesium and over 10 times the amount of zinc. Coconut Nectar is unfiltered and preservative free.

Coconut Nectar can be used to replace any sweetener in practically any way! It can sweeten tea and coffee, as a spread on toast, drizzled over pancakes, in a smoothie, in biscuits, cakes sweets and treats.  It also makes the most delicious raw chocolate when teamed with coconut oil and raw cacao!  Any my daughter woult kust eat it straight from the jar like Winnie the Pooh if I let her!!!



Coconut Sugar is made by evaporating and removing the water from the nectar.  It looks and behaves like brown sugar but has the devilishly luxe flavour of the nectar. It is amazing in cakes and all your baked goods and sweetening when you would normally use sugar.

It has all the same superfood nutrients that the nectar does. 

You simple must try them both... nourish your body, save the bees and save our planet!! Its a WIN WIN!


Save the bees content from www.1millionwomen.com.au

Dr Natalie Bird
Dr Natalie Bird


Author-Speaker-Chiropractor-Health Coach MCAA MASRF MICPA

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