June 24, 2015


Welcome to Coconut Heaven!

Coconut oil and coconut products are helping thousands of people all over the world to be healthier, happier and live longer.   Known as "Mother Nature’s elixir", coconut oil can be used to boost brain function, prevent disease, strengthen the immune system, to beautify skin and hair, increase energy and youthfullness, and to shed unwanted weight healthfully.


Coconut My Body is committed to sourcing the BEST coconut products for you and your family.  We care about the quality of the products and the trees from which they come.  Sustainability, fair-trade and supporting the coconut growing communities is so important to us.  The coconut groves, farms and plantations from which our products come provide income and livelihood to many beautiful people and families.  The difference we can make to our own health, but also to the health of these people is huge. May we all make a better world to live in together. x



Matcha Bliss Balls! Supercharge your day!

I'm always looking for ingredients that go beautifully with coconut - think lime and coconut, cacao and coconut, coffee and coconut... mmmm... so when I found Matcha, I knew it would be love at first bite!


Matcha coconut bliss ball

Matcha is 100% natural green tea leaves stone ground down into a fine powder. Matcha tea bushes are grown specially under cover which significantly increases the chlorophyll and amino acid levels in the leaves.  Green tea is consumed worldwide for its vitamins, minerals and natural metabolism-enhancing, immune-boosting and detoxifying green goodness.  When consumed in matcha powder form, one serving can bring the potential benefits of up to 10 cups of regular green tea and up to 137 times the value in terms of nutritional content!

So Matcha is like green tea on steroids!

So added to coconut, they are a marriage made in superfood heaven!

These yummy balls are quick, easy and deliciously healthy, so they tick all my boxes for a perfect powerhouse snack. 

Coconut Matcha Bliss Balls

2 cups desiccated coconut (buy it here)

6 medjool dates

1 tablespoon water

1 tablespoon coconut oil (buy it here)

 1 teaspoon Matcha

1/4 cup cacao nibs (buy them here)

extra coconut for rolling


Directions: Add all ingredients, except cacao nibs, into your food processor and blend until combined. Then stir thru cacao nibs. Roll into balls, Coat in extra coconut. Refridgerate for 10mins. Devour!

Store these babies in the fridge and they last months, but you will eat them in no time.


Dr Natalie Bird
Dr Natalie Bird


Author-Speaker-Chiropractor-Health Coach MCAA MASRF MICPA

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