November 27, 2015


Welcome to Coconut Heaven!

Coconut oil and coconut products are helping thousands of people all over the world to be healthier, happier and live longer.   Known as "Mother Nature’s elixir", coconut oil can be used to boost brain function, prevent disease, strengthen the immune system, to beautify skin and hair, increase energy and youthfullness, and to shed unwanted weight healthfully.


Coconut My Body is committed to sourcing the BEST coconut products for you and your family.  We care about the quality of the products and the trees from which they come.  Sustainability, fair-trade and supporting the coconut growing communities is so important to us.  The coconut groves, farms and plantations from which our products come provide income and livelihood to many beautiful people and families.  The difference we can make to our own health, but also to the health of these people is huge. May we all make a better world to live in together. x



Need a beautiful inexpensive Christmas or KK idea?

Palm tree spoonsThe prettiest teaspoons you will ever see have arrived at Coconut My Body.

I've been crushing on these spoons for ages now and we've finally got them in! Woop Woop!

i don't know about you but I use teaspoons every single day... Oil pulling... Moisturising with my coco oil, putting some in my cuppa tea... A quick spoonful of oil when I need an energy boost... All the time!!!

So why not enhance the experience with a beautiful delicate little spoon?  Something about pretty things just makes the day brighter! And they won't break the bank either, so it's not a splurge at all! 

They're the sort of spoon that you can't help but exclaim how cute they are!

Available in store and online now! 

Dr Natalie Bird
Dr Natalie Bird


Author-Speaker-Chiropractor-Health Coach MCAA MASRF MICPA

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