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Dr Natalie Bird, founder Coconut My Body
Hi, I'm Dr Nat, a cooky coconut loving gal from Melbourne, Australia.
I'm a coconut oil Ambassador, chiropractor, author, speaker, certified health coach and NLP Master Practitioner.... I'm also a mum of 3, a thermomixer, a surf life-saver and an all round health and fitness freak (but not fanatic!!!!)
I live and breath health and totally walk my talk, but that doesn't mean I have all the answers..l do however know a thing or two about natural health after 15 years in private practice and I know more than the average person about how good coconut oil is for you!!!
A word of warning though, I'm a real person and I'm not perfect... I'm on my own journey just as you are and i am continually learning and sharing what I know.  I promise to never share anything that i haven't thoroughly researched and decided is good for myself and my family, i will share what i KNOW for sure, not what sounds good or what is popular at the moment. I often share coconut recipes too, bliss balls are one of my favourites but by no means does that make me anywhere close to a chef! (ha ha ha)
My mission is to share the benefits of coconut oil, and importance of consuming good quality fats, with the world. I hope that by I can help you not only chose the best products but also learn how amazingly easy and rewarding coconut oil and products are to use.
I created Coconut My Body in 2013 as an online community to increase conversation about coconut oil, health and conscientious living. The brand has grown from then to include an online store and physical store too with beautiful followers worldwide.
Coconut oil has been the only oil i cook with for near 15 years.  I've spent literally thousands of hours researching and experimenting with this amazing oil.  When I started promoting coconut oil in my private practice, I noticed an exponential improvement in my clients' health and healing time.  So much so that I started running workshops about how to use coconut oil and guest speaking at events to spread the word.  
I also practice integrative, wellness chiropractic in Williamstown, Melbourne, Australia at Platinum Chiropractic & Wellbeing.  www.platinumchiro.com.au Chiropractic improves brain and nervous system function just as coconut oil does, so they are a great match! If you need a chiropractor, please contact me via the platinum page.
I am also very passionate about the impact on the world and follow on effects of consuming coconut oil. Coconuts grow in some of the most beautiful but also most poorest countries.  There are over 40 million displaced people in the world seeking asylum and refuge, and many families living in inhumane conditions.  With the money made from the sales of coconut oil through Coconut My Body, I hope to be able to impact the needless suffering and give hope, homes, stability and safety to those in need.  It is my hope that we may first help small families in coconut growing areas by buying their oil and creating fairtrade, sustainable farming practices and relationships, and then be able to help greater communities across the world. 
Thank-you for supporting this mission, together we can make a difference. x
Coconut My Body HQ is now located with Platinum Chiropractic and Wellbeing @ 89 Douglas Pde Williamstown VIC Australia 3016
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