150ml Magical Dreamtime Ultrasonic Diffuser

Sleeptime has never been so easy!!

Combine your most relaxing pure essential oils with the tranquil and unique light projections and your precious little ones will be asleep in no time!

3 different pictures to chose from and 7 different light colours! Easy to change and simple to use!

  • Ultrasonic cold diffuser for safe and effective aromatherapy delivery
  • Does not require any heat or open flames
  • Aromatherapeutic benefits of essential oils and blends remain pure and intact
  • Instantly diffuses a microscopic fragrant mist in the air
  • Small 150ml tank for extra peace of mind
  • Convenient built-in timer
  • Soothing LED night light with adjustable brightness, seven colours and colour-morphing
  • Up to 6-8 hours of continuous use
  • Superior safety: automatic shut-off when empty
  • 4 settings of continuous mist, 1, 3 or 5hrs

The subtle lighting enhances a sense of calm and can be set to morphing of the seven different colours, one colour only or be turned off for night-time use for those who prefer to sleep in the dark.

Made from ECO friendly PP material, non-toxic and made especially for use with essential oils.


Perfect for kids bedrooms, they will be mesmerised by the changing light pictures and will fall asleep watching it morph into the different colours.  They can even choose just one colour if they have a favourite! The night light can be safely left on all night, or a timer chosen as above.  

Remember to use your pure oils sparingly with children, just 1-2 drops of your favourite oils is plenty for their little bodies.  Whether it's On Guard for immunity, Easy Air to help open the airways, or Lavender, Cedarwood and Vetiver to help relax the nervous system and allow a good nights rest, this diffuser will be loved.   Children are so intuitive, try letting them chose their own oil for the day or night and they will surprise you with what their bodies need!

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