Forage Paleo

Forage Paleo is the perfect answer for both those eating paleo-style and pure vegans too. Packed with more GREAT fats and proteins than you can poke a mammoth with, it’s designed by nature with a delicious variety of nuts, seeds and dried fruits for you to thrive on!

Sunflower Seeds, Almonds, Macadamia Nuts, Currants Pepitas, Dates, Pecan Nuts, Cranberries, and Coconut.

It’s what’s inside that counts!
Paleo principles have it that people eat a diet that is rich in protein, fat and plants. In Paleo times, almost no grains were available for regular consumption. The only foods that were eaten were wild crafted (selectively harvested), hunted down and eaten fresh or foraged for. This style of eating enabled the cavemen to run for days to track down high quality sources of protein whilst stopping rarely to refuel, refresh and regenerate.

Both Paleo and Vegan styles of eating share the idea of clean food. The vegan lifestyle suggests that we should eat a diet rich in plant-based proteins, fats and carbohydrates (preferably unprocessed) to achieve optimal health.

Fortunately, Forage Paleo ticks all of those boxes!

Key Benefits
Primal nutrition
Grain Free
Gluten Free
High in plant protein

High in good fats
No added sugar

Nutritional Facts Per 50g Serving Per 100g Serving
Energy 1085.5kj 2171kj
Protein 6g 12g
Carbs (total) 18g 36g
Sugars 11.5g 23g
Fibre 4g 8g
Fat 20.5g 41g
Saturated 3.5g 7g
Sodium 3.5mg 7mg
Iron Nil

1kg bag

Collections: Cereals and Un-cereals

Type: Cereal

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