Pump Squirt Bottle for EO 50ml

Another Essential Oil DIY accessory you can't be without!!!

These 100ml refillable amber glass bottles are what you need to make up your own essential oil blends in an easy pump. Great for pre-making your aromatic dressing blend so its ready to use each day to save time and money!!!! 

Simply fill with your fav carrier oil, like fractionated coconut oil and add your pure Essential Oils. Great also for making up massage blends or for adding jojoba with Salubelle or your skin beautifying blends.

So easy to make up a blend for every mood, whether you need uplifting, grounding or awakening, its easy to make  up these bottles with whatever you need.

Made from thick amber glass to protect photosensitive oils and reduce the chances of breaking. These bottles come with a clear lid.

Use with single pure Essential Oils, pure blends, or get creative and make up your own blend.  Always stick to recommended dilution ratios for the oils if for use on the skin.

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