Amber Rollerball Bottle 10ml

The Essential Oil DIY accessory you can't be without!!!

These 10ml refillable amber glass roller bottles are what you need to make up your own essential oil blends. Great for using your favourite precious oils as a perfume, chest rub or for easy 'bottom of the feet' application. Using your oils with a carrier oil like Fractionated Coconut Oil will allow the oil to be 'carried' into the body with greater ease and protect the delicate oils from evaporation and spoilage.

Made from thick amber glass to protect photosensitive oils and reduce the chances of breaking. These bottles come with a stainless steel roller ball that won't clog or wear out!

Use with single pure Essential Oils, pure blends, or get creative and make up your own blend for every day of the week!! The blend possibilities are endless... think "Breathe", "Flu Bomb", "Wake-up", "Keep Calm", "Immunity", "Stress Less".... have fun and play around with different combinations. Always stick to recommended dilution ratios for the oils... commonly 5-10 drops for adults and 1-2 for children, although these vary based on the oil and the individual skin sensitivity.


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